Swap Fee Rewards

Sphynx does not have redistribution in its tokenomics, but it does pay holders out in $BNB through the Swap Fee Rewards. These rewards will run on a seven day cycle, and shall be paid out on the ninth day. For example, if the cycle is running from Monday to the following Monday, then the Wednesday (ninth day) would be when the payment is made.
There are trading/swap fees that you have to pay when you swap on services like PancakeSwap. To be exact, it's 0.25%. Meanwhile, Sphynx will only be charging 0.10% for trading/swap fees.
Not only is Sphynx more cost-efficient, but 50% of all swap fees that accumulate from SphynxSwap will get redistributed to holders every seven days.
This will grant investors the opportunity to earn passive income while they hold—or even stake—their tokens.
Payments will be made on the total average you hold during the seven days for the cycle. The ones holding from the start of the week will be rewarded more than the ones who buy in on the last day. This is to avoid people from attempting to cheat the system.


Below is a daily trading chart for our competitor, PancakeSwap.
PancakeSwap ($CAKE) is currently generating at least $250,000,000 in volume each day.
PancakeSwap charges a trading fee of 0.25%, in which each trade is subject to that fee.
$250,000,000 * 0.25% = $625,000.
$CAKE is therefore bringing in at least $625,000 in trading fees daily based on this historical chart. This is not including the trading fees that are being accumulated from the hundreds of projects that are listed on PancakeSwap.
This translates to $4,375,000 each week — just from $CAKE.
Let's recall that Sphynx will only charge a 0.1% swap fee as compared to the 0.25% that PancakeSwap charges. 50% of all swap fees that accumulate from SphynxSwap will go towards holders through the Sphynx Swap Fee Rewards.
Let’s take half of $CAKE’s volume into consideration.
$250,000,000/2 = $125,000,000
To be even more conservative, let’s settle for an even $100,000,000 of volume for Sphynx daily. This will be easily achievable once we have rolled out our utilities and we have started trading on a large scale.
0.1% swap fee of $100,000,000 is $100,000.
50% of the swap fees go to holders, so this turns out to be $50,000 daily.
$50,000 * 7 = $350,000 per week.
The supply of $SPHYNX is one billion.
10,000 $SPHYNX tokens will cost just a tad over $170 right now, with $SPHYNX sitting at a $17,000,000 market capitalization.
Let’s use the conservative market capitalization we had established to proceed with calculating passive income for this investor.
10,000/1,000,000,000 = 0.00001 (the investor’s holdings/total supply)
0.00001 * $350,000 = $3.5
An investor holding 10,000 $SPHYNX would therefore be generating a passive income of $3.5 each week.
This would equate to $14 per month.
This works out to be an 8.2% monthly return on the holder's $170 investment.
Of course, this is not including the extra $SPHYNX the investor will be able to collect if they were to stake their tokens, as they will still earn from the Swap Fee Rewards by staking.
Please note that this is just from the swap fees from $SPHYNX alone.
This does not include the future projects that would launch on SphynxSwap. Once those projects launch and trading goes live, every single transaction would fuel the Swap Fee Rewards.